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Our aim is to be a useful resource for those effected by COVID-19. We hope that this website will aid users in navigating the CARES Act and provide clarity to Americans who are wondering whether they qualify for government aid and, if so, how much. 


Ultimately, our vision is to make this website into a hub to connect lawyers looking to offer their legal expertise for good, and those in need of free legal aid due to COVID-19.


Together, we can ensure that small businesses and individuals are able to make the most out of their government. We hope eventually we can be your one-stop shop to getting the aid you deserve.


After spending hours reading the stimulus bill and trying  to understand what it meant for ourselves, as well as Peter's family's small business in Wyoming, we were struck by the difficulty of navigating what should be accessible information for struggling small businesses & individuals during a crisis like this. While not perfect, we hope that this website can provide a general framework on what you may qualify for, in addition to a number of resources that may provide you with more authoritative information on the CARES Act provisions.


Peter Neal is currently a student at the University of Pennsylvania Law School with a focus on administrative and national security law. He graduated with a BA from the George Washington University. Before starting law school he worked as an intern for the White House during the Obama Administration and as the assistant to the deputy national finance director on the 2016 Clinton presidential campaign. 

Naomi Biden is graduating in May from Columbia Law School with a focus on international and national security law. She graduated with a BA from the University of Pennsylvania. Before starting law school she worked for Governor Cuomo's legal counsel.  

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